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Jul 7, 2011

General Guidelines for the Project – I & II ( B.E Semester 7th & 8th)

Dear Students
Kindly have the following info regarding  General Guidelines for the Project – I & II ( B.E Semester 7th & 8th)
Following are the General guidelines:
1)Semester 7th, teaching scheme is 0-0-4, with 4 credits worth of 150 marks
(out of 150 marks 100 marks for University Practical exam and 50 marks are to be given for Problem Definition which is to be given in a specified format by concerned college through internal evaluation)
2)Semester 8th, teaching scheme is 0-0-8 or 0-0-12 with 8 or 12 credits as the case may be worth of 400 marks.
  • The format for problem definition may be specified by dept./college. The common form for the problem definition can be downloaded from GTU website.
  • In the 8th Semester out of 400 marks 300 marks  for university practical exam and 100 marks for Internal Practical exam.
3)Each final year Project will be Major Project of One Year which will be divided into two Semester including Identification of Problems.
a)Each defined project needs to be from Industry/Research organization/Govt.organization/socio-technical issues.
b)Project identification should be based on “Shodh- Yatra” carried out by the students after completion of B.E Semester 6th Examination but before starting of the 7th Semester.
c)Problem definition for the project needs to be submitted by every student in the first week of the 7th Semester to his/her college.
d)Each definition will be evaluated based on merit in the beginning of the 7th semester itself by the College.
e)Every College should send the list of students along with the Problem Definition in the specified format to GTU before 15th August, 2011.
You may contact your Udisha club co-ordinator/Faculty /Department/Principal or Chairman of your Sankul for arranging “Shodh-Yatra” to the industries.
Guidelines for the students:
1.         The students are required to identify their problem during the summer of 2011 and they are required to follow all the rules and instructions issued by department, for safety and other requirements.
2.       Each student or student group would work under the guidance of the Faculty  from the College. In case  any problem/other issue arises for the smooth progress of IDP discovery/Practical Training, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the Udisha club co-ordinator/Faculty /Department/Principal or Chairman of your Sankul.
3.         The students are required to submit  the Problem Definition (in the specified format) to their Head of the Department in their College during the first week of the 7th semester. | pdf ebook download

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